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Welcome to the System Immunology Lab. In the lab we study how simple events at the molecular and cellular level of immune cell and pathogen interactions, lead to emergent phenomena of immune specificity and function in health and disease. We do this through the use of cutting edge systems biology and simulation techniques and by close collaboration with experimental laboratories. This close collaboration ensures that our research fits directly within reciprocal cycles of experiment, analysis, modeling and further experimental study. This, in turn, enables us to quickly move from basic (systems) biology questions to concrete biomedical findings.


Congratulations to Justin and Uri for their paper Applying systems-level spectral imaging and analysis to reveal the organelle interactome being accepted to Nature!
There were things to celebrate and we saved you the music
Courtesy of MAMBISA
(Always ask her to music the happy for you, she's got the Science down)
Our lab does science like rock stars!
Congrats to Dr. Cricket for winning a Research Day award (May 1st)!
Congrats to G.W. and Cricket for receiving Drexel's International Travel Awards to Rome Italy.
Congrats to Dr. Cricket who successfully defended on April 27th, 2015!!!
Congrats to Dr. Jasmine Saini who successfully defended on Dec. 9th 2014!!!
Congrats to Jasmine, Cricket, and G.W. for successfully presenting their proposals (Fall 2014)!

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