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I am an Associate Professor at the School of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Immunology and Microbiology. Every other day I find myself pleasantly surprised by the fact that being the PI of a lab is exactly as much fun as I imagined. My Research interests have for some time been focused on how we (and other biological systems) understand things in the world. Specifically how context changes functional outcomes and how repertoires working in tandem lead to specific behaviors. As you can see in other places online the lab is mostly focused on questions of immunity and the diversification of the B cell repertoire. However, we have our hands in other pots including transcription factor analysis, biological visualization and bio inspired reactive robots. In my spare time I like telling long meandering stories about nothing much that nonetheless come to a point. Despite many attempts to change for the better a lot of my research decisions are motivated by hearing someone say -- "you can't possibly imagine that....". So far it has always turned out that I can.
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Adam Craig (Ph.D.)
Corbett Berry (Ph.D.)
Justin Melunis (Ph.D.)
Bochao Zhang (Ph.D.)
Gregory Schwartz (Ph.D.)
Gregory Antell (Ph.D.)
Mesut Yücel (Ph.D.)
Erin (Cricket) Reichenberger (Ph.D.)
Jasmine Saini (Ph.D.)
Avni Choksi (Masters)
Renae Judy (Masters)
Kendall Wormack (Masters)
Bailu Xu (Masters)